The company HDT impex s.r.o. (former Hurrican HDT) was founded in 1994. We have been serving our markets with audiovisual, entertaining products and multimedia projects for more than 20 years.

Company headquarter is located in Karlovy Vary, Czech republic. There you can find sale, marketing, financial, service and project department, showroom and warehouse.

At the very beginning we were focused on selling sound & light products for entertainment industry. As the time passed we were enhancing our portfolio with musical instruments, artificial plants and progressive LED technology for advertisement, sport and entertainment. Nowadays we are proud of many successfully done audiovisual projects.

Our company has several e-shops and many brand web sites.

In 2004 we have opened our branch HDT SK s.r.o. in Bratislava (Slovakia) and since 2008 we have also opened SC HDT SRL in Romania. Both subsidiaries offer the same product portfolio and are capable to do the same projects as HDT in Czech republic. There are more than 70 permanent employees in the whole HDT group who are active throughout the EU.

Present HDT group is one of the biggest and the most successful companies on entertainment and multimedia solutions field.